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Amazon is aiming to join the productivity suite battle with its own solution, a new report reveals, with the company planning to develop software that would compete against the enterprise products owned by Google and Microsoft.

The Information writes that Amazon is already exploring ways to create its own productivity suite, and one way to do that is to extend the existing capabilities of two existing solutions, namely WorkMail calendar app and WorkDocs file storage service.

Furthermore, Amazon is also looking into its options to develop a series of additional tools, including document and spreadsheet apps similar to Microsoft and Excel, with the final goal of creating a fully-featured productivity suite specifically targeting corporate customers.

Chime video conferencing apps could also be included in the suite, the aforementioned source notes citing people familiar with the matter.

While it could make sense for Amazon to expand in this business, the company undoubtedly has a long and difficult road ahead, especially because it has to fight the criticism that it received in the last couple of years for shipping updates at a rather slow cadence as compared to rivals.

Productivity tools running in the cloud

Both Google and Microsoft are already dominating this enterprise business with their productivity suites, so Amazon needs to make the most of its existing options, which could include a possible implementation based on the AWS AppStream service.

This makes it possible for customers to stream desktop apps with AWS to any HTML5 compliant device, which could give Amazon the opportunity of making its productivity suite available across a wide array of devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, similar to Microsoft’s Office 365.

All applications running on AppStream are based in the cloud, so they require no processing power on the target device, with all resources, including storage needs, provided by Amazon.

It goes without saying that Amazon does have a series of options when it comes to expanding in the productivity suite business, but it all comes down to how and when the company is planning to bring these plans to fruition.

In the meantime, the corporate productivity service market is becoming an essential cash cow for both Google and Microsoft, with the Windows maker itself reporting increases every new quarter. Microsoft currently has 23.1 million Office 365 subscribers, with revenue going up 54 percent in the last quarter.

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